IPA-Adriatic CBC Programme: Public notice for the selection of 3 experts for the Joint Technical Secretariat to the Abruzzo Region


Formez PA selects 3 Experts to deliver technical assistance to the Managing Authority, whose role is played by the IPA Adriatic Territorial Cooperation Service at the Regional Government of Abruzzo, in the framework of the Agreement of 26 November 2013 sealed between the Abruzzo Region and Formez PA for the purpose of realizing the “Activities as in Priority 4 – Technical Assistance of the IPA ADRIATIC 2007-2013 Programme”.

The professional profiles to be recruited are identified in the following profiles:

Profilo 1: 1 Program Finance Manager (senior)

Profilo 2: 1 MIS Manager and Developer (junior)

Profilo 3: 1 Language Expert (senior)


The application for selection can be submitted from 23 Oct 2015 to 2 Nov. 2015 until 06:00 pm.
The application shall be submitted via online system only on Formez PA web site (www.formez.it) and filling, in a correct and integral manner, in all the listings included in the electronic form at this link “Application for Public Notice Experts for the IPA-Adriatic CBC Programme Joint Technical Secretariat to the Abruzzo Region” . Once the procedure has been completed, an email will be sent to your email address to confirm that the registration has been successful.

For further information, please send an email to ipaadriatic@formez.it or telephone the number 0039 06 / 84892344